Simply pure – and naturally exquisite.

It’s all about the taste. That’s why we have developed our sparkling wines together with Richard Juhlin, the world’s foremost champagne expert. The result? Quality wines with distinct, natural aromas, colors and tastes. No added substances, no added sugar.

Blanc de Blancs

by Richard Juhlin

Sparkling Chardonnay Wine, 0.0% alcohol Crisp and intricate – dry yet ever-so-slightly sweet – with beautiful, fresh tones of Granny Smith apples, honey and lime. A youthful 100% chardonnay wine with high complexity and full of tiny invigorating bubbles. Simply elegant.


by Richard Juhlin

Sparkling Rosé Wine, 0.0% alcohol Wonderfully silky, well-balanced blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes with gentle hints of summer berries, citrus and Granny Smith apples. Take in the pure, sparkling, all-natural color of this glorious, rather dry rosé.

Domaine de la Prade

by Richard Juhlin

Ecological Merlot Shiraz, 0.0% alcoholYouthful, full-bodied and fruity – with tones of blackberry and cherry and slight hint of caramel. The silky Merlot and elegant Shiraz grapes are eco-certified and at the heart of this inspiring wine – ideal as an aperitif or at the dinner table.