It’s a new age.
Alcohol is over.

Think about it. Why is alcohol so ingrained in social life? So often associated with celebration and happy times? What good comes out of it? What does the sound of someone opening a beer mean to an abused or neglected child? How can people come together and have a good time or just relax without alcohol?

Embrace the 0.0% movement

Imagine a world free from alcohol. No more hangovers. No more alcoholism and the health and social problems that come with it. No more deaths and injuries due to drunk drivers. No more broken families and alcohol-related abuse or children. The time has come to say, ‘no more!’. Together we are making it happen. A new wine culture is here and its growing.

Leading the way.

As a former social worker, Moa R Gürbüzer, founder and CEO of MRG Wines, has seen the destructive power of substance abuse and alcoholism first-hand. Over and over and again. This experience was at the heart of Moa’s decision to start MRG Wines. And go to the root of the problem: the alcohol itself. How? By producing top quality wines with exceptional taste – and entirely liberated from alcohol. The goal? To open eyes, change mindsets and make alcohol-free the new normal.

Today, our commitment is as strong as ever. 0.0% alcohol – it just makes sense.