The Pop

Listen to the sound of 6.8 bar of pressure and 1 million bubbles reaching for the sky

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Creating modern, world-class wines with zero alcohol is an art, a craft – shaped by tradition, and made possible through innovation.

A distinct, pure taste with high complexity doesn’t just happen. It involves a natural wine-making process with minimal processing. It takes time, passion and relentless attention to every detail. From the choice of grapes and vineyard to fermentation, alcohol removal and bottling.

It’s all in the grape

The grape varieties used in our wines are chosen with a purpose: to ensure a distinct taste. But all grapes are not created equal, which is why we take care to select the best grapes from the best vineyards from the best regions. And we make sure that the grapes are picked at the right level of maturity.

Time to ferment

Our wine is aged according to tradition – in barrels – up to a year, so that it can reach its full potential and desired characteristics. The result? A fresh, crisp world-class wine ready for the next step: de-alcoholization.

Alcohol removal

Here’s where modern technology comes in. Our wine is completely liberated from alcohol using a unique, patented method that preserves the wine’s natural flavors and aromas. Zero alcohol – not even a trace.

Taste the purity

It’s what our wines don’t contain that make them special. No glucose sugar – but sweetened naturally by the fructose sugar of the grapes themselves. No added E-substances. No artificial colors or aromas. Just pure premium wine – because you deserve the best.